About Us

Get Ready for Some Serious Fun with Our Amazing Selection of Tapestries

Welcome to World of Tapestries, where you'll find a huge collection of Fabulous Fabric Home Décor ready to be delivered directly to your door. We have  selected the most beautiful pieces of popular, traditional and luxurious fabric home décor items in a variety of sizes.

As a women-owned and operated business based in Michigan, we want to create a fun and entertaining marketplace for anyone looking to glam up their interiors and bring a touch of textile art into their life.

Our selections are available in a wide variety of unique designs and styles, from Printed & Traditional Tapestries, to Dreamcatchers, Macramé, floor décor, pillow covers - and everything in between. We also carry a diverse collection of accessories such as LED Lights, Tapestry Rods, Tapestry Tassels and Clips.

Design Your Interiors with Art You Love

We take pride in not only offering quality products at great prices, but we are also textile art lovers ourselves. You can rest assured that you will receive great customer support every step of the way, from the moment you visit our online store to the moment your purchase lands at your door.

Creative, Boho, Trendy and Stylish Wall Hangings

Made with high-quality materials, our printed tapestry products feature sharp, high-resolution images and vibrant colors. Simply hang your tapestries to begin enjoying their many benefits as either wall Décor, privacy screen, bed or sofa cover, meditation background, and so many other great uses. 

You don't need to spend a lot to decorate your home: our fabric art can go a long way in changing the look and energy in a room.  It is easy to find your style in our huge collection. We have all types of designs that combine both art and style with vivid colors. Pick the one that goes best with your décor or choose a design based on the aura you want to create.

Exclusive Designs Just for You

Every corner of your home or office should feel like it is truly your individual space. Find your favorite textile art at World of Tapestries that will go well beyond the typical products you often find at many home décor stores.  Choose from vibrant colors, inspiring images and exclusive products and designs that speak to you. At World of Tapestries, we will provide you with the biggest selection of textile art that will transform your personal space.